viernes, julio 31, 2009

r U b U l A d A m A y A

Let's take the train
It is up North 7, between Berry and White
Yes funny boy, Barry White
Come in
Careful with those darts honey
A massage line, no no, I am not going to be the last one
Don't smoke near that pregnant girl
Whisky anyone?
My friend, you are talking in spanish, and very fast too
Coño, me agarraron el culo
Please to meet you
We better go to The Rose
Where the hell are all the coats?
Let us walk you and I
Yes, it really is chilly out here
A scarf keeps you warm, when you wear it on, not when you leave it at home
How many christmas trees, they are going to kill them playing Kenny G.
Ask that guy, it is before the BQE
Look, we are there
That red tree has to be plastic
Where are you from?
From Santo Domingo
What a coincidence, I'm from New Jersey
I am so sorry mami
Who the hell likes balloons?
I think I stink
It is not you, it's the singer
We better go to the Rubulad
What's that?
A very big party
It sounds like a book by Omar Kheyyan
All taxidrivers are from Ecuador
Ground Control to Mayor Tom
Take your protein pill
Put your helmet on
Virgen de la Altagracia
I told you
Look at the ceiling
Look at the floor
Look at the glass
Let us get through that door
They're playing Héctor Lavoe
They're smoking hard in there
Yes, I can smell Bob Marley
You don't have to go to the bathroom, I'll show you
Nobody cares
They're playing Kraftwerk
I am going to dance with my eyes closed
Do you realize?
Nobody has a gun
I think I am up that chandelier
Wake up dear, there is a happy face on your forearm.

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