viernes, mayo 21, 2010

¿Por qué a los poetas les encanta escribir sobre corazones rotos?

Poets love to write about broken hearts

you know the drill

a woman who leaves

a man who's alone

a longing that is never fulfilled.

What about the happy hearts?

Because, I am sure

they exist

I have seen happy men talking on iPhones

with somebody that loves them back

you can see it by the way their voices change

so much tenderness

honey, mami, sweetheart, mi linda perra sucia

I have seen happy women embraced by happy men

coming out of a bad movie

some Sandra Bullock shit

I have seen happy couples dining by a candle

passing a snow storm in a cozy Soho restaurant

look at them

they feed each other

spoon by spoon

sharing a tiramisú.

So, why do poets love to write about broken hearts?

Yes, poets love to write about deception




but I am sure

there must be too

a happy marriage

that just made the down payment

of a 30 years mortgage

a happy marriage

planning a cruise

not the Caribbean

the Pacific Ocean

the Arctic Ocean

the Barent Sea

I don't know the name of that sea

but they are going to have fun over there

they are going to make love over there

they are going to be so happy

I want them to be so happy

look, they just came back

she is so pretty

she thinks she is pregnant.


Too corny?

Too normal?

Too predictable?

What do you want?

Life is not a movie by Lars von Trier

So, why do poets love to write about broken hearts?

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