sábado, marzo 19, 2011

Cigarette Break

Little by little I am losing my humanity
I don't want to meet you
I don't want to hear you
Talking about your plans for the future
About your sadness from the past
About your ordinary present time
It is such a bore to know
You're saving for a trip to Europe
By the way
Please don't ask me about my day
I woke up
I got out of bed
I took a shower
What else?

And when I'm taking my cigarette break
Ten minutes outside looking at the sky
I don't want this homeless woman
With her unique unforgettable stench
Pestering me for a cigarette and a dollar
Here, take them
But please don't get any closer
But please don't stand by my side
But please don't tell me that you are another someone
Who used to be gorgeous in another much happier life.

I know
I know
You can say I'm getting old
I know
I know
You can say I have no love.

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