domingo, junio 10, 2012

Glory Hole

I stopped at a rest stop in my way to Baltimore, to use the restroom, I mean, I really needed to take a piss, when, after releasing myself like a Wilson Phillips' song, I noted a hole in a wall. So, as any beast who walks around in the shape of man, I put Bobbylu into the hole.
-Who's Bobbylu?
-My penis Officer, that's his name.
-Go on.
-At first, the hole was working as any hole in a wall in a restroom in a rest stop should, it sucked and it licked, but then, all of a sudden, I felt this excruciating pain, and naturally, I withdrew in a rush, just to find that my dear pet was gone. So, since it has been more than 48 hours after Bobbylu's disappearance, I thought I better come and file a missing penis report.

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