martes, julio 03, 2012

Mango De Tarde

-How much are these mangos?
-Are you from Bangladesh?
-I'm dominican
-You look like my cousin
-You look like my uncle
-Taste this piece

I could please myself
Talk about Borges 
Craving to share 
With who knows who
The Now In Iceland
Like one shares the music
Or the flavor of a fruit
Talk about Neruda 
Begging Al Señor Mar 
To share with the people 
Its silvery fruits
And Chesterton fancying 
Realism Is Just Romanticism 
That has lost its reason
But, what really happened?
Two men with no names
From different lands
From different songs
From different gods
Freely shared a mango
In a city which, for them
Will forever remain unknown.

Image Mango Sunset by Daniel Hauben.

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