sábado, julio 06, 2013

Bx7 from Riverdale

He was at a Rite Aid one afternoon. 
She was there by the Shampoo aisle. 
She rubbed his dick.
She showed him a picture of her pussy.

He asked her to take a cab to the Bronx Zoo. 
A short yellow dress longing for a compliment.
He slept with both his knees on her back.

Driving a bus from Riverdale to the Heights. 
She sees jewish comfortability. 
She sees dominican loudness. 
First, she saw lots of trees.
Then, she saw lots of garbage. 

He surprises her one morning. 
He will be her only passenger. 
First, they kissed. 
Then, they went to Coney Island.

Nobody noticed the big whale. 
Nobody missed them. 
New York City's public transportation works.  
Sometimes it makes people happy.

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