domingo, noviembre 10, 2013


November is the month of the mustache. For prostate cancer awareness. What's going on with the prostate? It's getting cancer. What can we do? Well, a couple of things. Firstly, everybody grow a mustache in November. Secondly, let us call it Movember. 

It is a great idea. Men, everywhere, on every street, all over the world, are going to have a mustache. Then, of course, people without it, are going to ask:

"Hey, what is going on with all these mustaches?" 
"Oh, that we men have a thing down there, called Prostate, and, a bad business, it is getting attacked by something awful, which name starts with a C, that grows on it, like a mustache, and sometimes can be, shaved, but it may come back, a nasty affair often involving radiation, we can die from that raffle."
"My god, that is terrible, and what can I do?"
"Grow a mustache."

And it is very good, it is very nice indeed, let us come together, and help each other; but as usual, people take things too far. At least here in The Bronx. It seems to me, that women are also growing mustaches. Yes, I went to this Italian bakery up Morris Park Avenue, looking for a cheesecake, and two of the three women handling the pastries, had mustaches. As you can imagine, my cheesecake days were over right there; I couldn't buy, I couldn't eat a cheesecake from a woman with a mustache. I mean, from that fateful moment, and for ever, my cheesecake craving was doomed to be linked to that apparition that now haunts me in my nightmares.

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