sábado, noviembre 18, 2006

Brooklyn Broken Umbrella

A tree full of dying yellow leaves
is spread out against the rain sky
by the entrance
of Black Betty
Let us go you and I
where The Reverend
and his Love Choir
sing songs
about a grandmother coming from Minnesota
with a dog called Dominó
about the food in Portugal
about someone killing his girlfriend
about that lost first love
about flying away
about shadows walking by themselves
trying to find Joyce in pain
fuck Queens
A very tall woman
playing a very big saxophone says:
If you get emotional
the harmony suffers"
and a hard rain is gonna fall
on the blue-eyed girl
at the bar
asking everybody for cocaine
talking about gaining weight
to make herself ugly
because she was abused
as a child
Let us go you and I
where people walk on little mirrors
and a broken yellow umbrella
is thrown in the garbage.

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