sábado, febrero 18, 2012

The new Lovings

If you go from Huron and Clark
To East Wacker Drive
You will walk until finding Michigan Ave
And surely you will turn right.

Maybe it will be snowing a little bit
Everybody will quickly pass you by
Try to conceal that annoying bewilderment
Of the tourist
Try to avoid being a nuisance to those people
Going home to meet their loved ones
Even if they are dogs, cats, lizards or snakes.

Look at that
CD Peacock says that Mrs Lincoln
Used to buy her jewelry in that store
Maybe a cheap silver ring
Maybe a cheap silver brooch
Maybe a cheap silver chain
After all
She was honest Abe's wife
What is that shining stone Mary Todd?
Take it back
Take it back
Take it back.

You will keep walking my friend
Until you bump into a giant Marilyn
Go ahead
Fulfill your childhood dream
Of looking under her dress
You will also see a building
With the name Wrigley on it
Chewing gum
Chewing gum
Chewing gum
The Cubs.

Look around you
Architects of the midwest
Cross the lake Michigan
Try not to read that sign 
Held by that homeless man
You read it?
The mother is sick in the South?
The hunger has broken his mouth?
Throw some coins in the air and walk away
Everybody does it anyway.

Then your eyes will find Navy's Pier
That interracial couple in front of you
Will make you think of a familiar word
You will remember those old Lovings
She was black
He was white
They were in love
They lived in Hell
I mean, Virginia.

But luckily for these new Lovings
It is the 21st century
But luckily for these new Lovings
They are in downtown Chicago
And downtown will not give a fuck
And downtown will leave them alone.

It is only human to feel a little envy
As they hold each other 
Seeing hope 
In the shape of that very bright Ferris Wheel.

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